Tradex Relative Value launched in January 2015, and attempts to extract alpha from the alternative fixed-income markets by focusing on prepayment arbitrage, relative value and other opportunistic strategies.  The Portfolio Manager of the Relative Value strategy is Jeff Kong, who has a long track record of success in producing strong, absolute and uncorrelated returns using a conservative, risk-managed approach. 

Jeff Kong - Portfolio Manager

Mr. Kong is a well-known and respected portfolio manager in the alternative fixed-income arena who has generated significant returns for investors over his career. Prior to joining Tradex, Mr. Kong was a portfolio manager at Passport Capital for the M1 Fund. Mr. Kong joined Passport from Structured Portfolio Management, where, from 2000 to 2010, he managed the approximately $1 billion flagship SPM mortgage fund, Structured Servicing Holdings (SSH), which annualized at +23.6% during his tenure as Portfolio Manager. SSH ranked as the #1 Large Hedge Fund by Bloomberg Markets in 2010 and ranked #8 in Barron's 2009 Top 100 Hedge Fund List.