Welcome to Tradex Global Advisory Services

Tradex Global Advisory Services manages the Tradex Relative Value strategy, a multi-strategy alternative fixed-income portfolio that targets absolute returns.  The multi-strategy style allows the Tradex Relative Value strategy to take advantage of opportunities at different times across the structured products market, on a completely market neutral basis.  We utilize proprietary models to identify mispriced securities with attractive risk and reward profiles under various interest rate, volatility and spread scenarios.   

The team has deep experience in these markets, and has historically been able to minimize volatility and maintain low correlation to more traditional asset classes by generating true alpha.  The Portfolio Manager, Jeff Kong, with 25+ years' experience investing in structured products, is a pioneer in structuring and trading prepayment-sensitive securities.

Tradex Global Advisory Services is a minority owned firm founded by Jeff Kong and Tradex Global Advisors in July 2014 to manage the multi-strategy structured products business. Jeff Kong has a longstanding relationship with Michael Beattie and Richard Travia, the founders of Tradex Global Advisors. The firm is based in Greenwich, Connecticut.